It gives the customer the edge and differentiates from the competition.

In fact Luis Chomiak has been a key protagonist in seven international design awards in the last 5 years! The award winning designs were originally bid winning proposals for prestigious contracts against stiff international competition. In their own right they have become iconic designs for their respective countries.

Our approach is to innovate through ‘intelligent design’ enhancing technology, function and customer individuality within the realities of a project.

The work shown in this site combines design, design management expertise and experience accumulated in an international design environment over more than 25 years.This background has given us the impetus to create diverse and ground breaking products which work equally well for operators and passengers as well as assist customers in strategic decision making in respect of market positioning and suitability to purpose.

As the success of design depends on the exchange of clear, accurate and convincing information, we use the latest 3D design and communication tools as part of the product development process and in generating presentation materials including virtual reality visualizations while specializing in very high quality video animations.