DITECFER AT “RVE 2015” ON “Sensitive Design” Derby UK – 6th October 2015

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Within the framework of collaboration within ERCI-European Railway Clusters Initiative, the UK Cluster “Rail Alliance” invited the Coordinator of DITECFER, Veronica Elena Bocci, to present the vision on “Sensitive Design” DITECFER wants to promote through specific collaborative R&D projects.

Luis Chomiak, in collaboration with Veronica Elena Bocci, the coordinator of DITECFER moderated a presentation on “Sensitive Design” which raised a number of important issues through a Q&A interactive session with the audience.

Ageing and disability and the extraordinary times in which we live in terms of terrorist threats impose on the rail environment (both vehicles and stations) the need to be respectively accessible, comfortable, safe, and able to provide security, resulting in a service which is more attractive to all categories of passenger.
For DITECFER, all this requests a holistic approach to “railway environment accessibility”, not individual solutions.